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Baking Bread From Scratch!  
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There's Nothing Like Home-Baked Bread!

Making bread from scratch is as rewarding as gardening.
When you use herbs from your own garden to flavor your homemade bread, it's even better. Add a little flax seed to make your homemade bread even better for you. If you have time, knead it the old-fashioned way instead of using a bread machine. It's great exercise and every bit as therapeutic as gardening.


Sourdough Bread: How to begin,
by S. John Ross

"Sourdough bread is bread made without added yeast. By making a "starter" in which wild yeast can grow, the sourdough baker can raise bread naturally, as mankind did for thousands and thousands of years before a packet of yeast was an available convenience at the local market. Not all sourdough is sour-tasting; Amish Friendship Bread and other types of live-yeast breads are also sourdough." Read the whole article, here.

Foraging for Wild Yeast,
by Linda Jamison, for "Mother Earth News

"My first experience with wild yeast took place a few years back, while I was conducting a primitive living expedition in the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest." Read the whole article, here.


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